What do I wear to Nia?

Wear anything comfortable to move in. Nia is a barefoot practice, so no shoes required!

Do you have to be fit and young to do Nia?

As long as you can move - upper body, lower body, or all of your body- you can do Nia. Because of the mindful way in which you practice Nia, you are able to move in a way that is suitable to your body regardless of age or other physical "barriers".

What if I have an injury or chronic condition? Is it safe to do Nia?

Yes it is!  As you become aware of your body, you can move in a way that is comfortable, pleasurable and joyful to you. There is absolutely no pressure to perform any of the moves that are suggested during class - you are free to purposely move in anyway that you find joyful.

I'm not great at dancing, can I still come to Nia?

Yes you can!  Nia does encompass choreographed moves, however you are always welcome to move in a way that you find more joyful to you.  As Nia teachers we are guides of movement - you can choose to follow the moves suggested or you can do whatever you like.

Do males participate in Nia?

Yes they do!  Some of the top trainers in Nia are males and Nia in Waikato welcomes both males and females to all classes.

What benefits can I find practicing Nia?

Nia has a multitude of benefits for the body, mind and spirit. Click here to find out more or read some of the testimonials to hear about some of the benefits students are experiencing right now in the Waikato region.


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