Thanks for an amazing experience at Earthbeat! I loved letting loose with everyone, the feeling of being free to dance as crazy as my body would allow was energising. The connected aspect rocked, and giving personal gratitude at the end was beautiful.
— James

Do you want to learn more about your body? Do you want to get out of habit and discover new ways of being? Would you like to be more comfortable expressing yourself through movement? Are you a rebel at heart, ready to tear down barriers?   

FreeDance is about freedom in movement, freedom in your mind, and freedom in your spirit.  It's experimentation. It's exploration.The FreeDance Sessions are a conscious dance experience - a time to let go and be moved. There is no set choreography and you are invited to explore, be creative and "play" your way through the session. 

The intention of the class is to move to heal, so you may become more connected to self, the environment and others.  The body is a physical reference point by which we can learn a lot about our lives. In the dance we move the body to discover and learn and engage our mind to be a facilitator of our personal growth. 

You are invited to move with an open mind, test your limits, become aware of habits and notice the "stuck points" within the body, and mind. 

Emotional release, tension release and overcoming mental and physical barriers are some of the outcomes of a session.

FreeDance will take you on a journey through music to form a stronger, more compassionate relationship with yourself and others. You are guided with simple suggestions as to how you can explore more deeply, through your dance.

Using the principals of Your Body's Way and child-like exploration plus other stimuli to hone our focus,  Freedance  will inspire you to move more radically, become more comfortable trying something new and bring you insights to about your body, mind, spirit and your life beyond the dance floor.

Freedance "Law":

  • Always be ready to Play

  • Always be ready to Explore

  • Always be ready to have Fun

  • Never let your spirit be caged...

FreeDance Schedule 

Please visit for an up to date schedule.