The Body's Way - Awareness & Intrinsic Motivation

I finally recognised that this element - awareness through your Body's Way - is one of the reasons why Nia appeals to me, more so than other forms of exercise for achieving health.

The most important thing about awareness is that it is non-judgemental. It is simply recognising something for what it is. It is neither good or bad, it just is.  Now we can certainly label things "good" but those are not usually the areas that cause us stress.  It's the negative that usually depletes our energy - energy that could otherwise be used towards growing. 

So when you are called upon to become aware of your body in Nia, remember that it is a call to feel your body just as it is, right now. When we are truly aware of our bodies, it naturally directs us to areas that could do with some work. From this place of no judgement we have room and energy, to move forward.


Our freed energy, is then directed by an intrinsic motivation from our bodies, that pulls us towards being balanced and improving upon what already exists. Our bodies simply want to be the best they can be. This motivation is easy to tap into and is energy-cultivating (rather than energy-sucking) because it is part of our Body's Way.  Our Body's Way - awareness of our body - enables us to see areas to grow and steers us towards creating a body that moves with evermore, ease and joy.


And for the life lesson... is it transparent :)?  Let yourself become aware of all of the areas that make up your life and you will naturally be guided towards areas that could do with a bit of tweeking. Seek ways in which you could improve. We naturally seek a life that is fulfilling on all fronts.  We are motivated by and thrive in continuing to grow and move forward.  Life is an active way of being, death comes when you are stagnant. Too many people spend their lives dying...  


Just as you experience Nia, take one step at a time and I hope you create a dynamic life filled with ease and joy.




Photo courtesy of Scarleth White