A Harmonious Life - Balancing Energies

This week one of the foci for class, were the 5 sensations – mobility, agility, stability, flexibility and strength. The intention was to bring our attention to these bodily sensations, notice them for their different energetic characteristics and have all these elements balanced, bringing us a harmonious Nia experience.


The idea of these sensations having energetic characteristics fascinated me. Coming from a scientific background I had always thought of  mobility, stability etc, as being defined by muscle and skeletal movement.  But in Nia we learn to experience these movement definitions as sensations of energy:


·     Mobility – the sensation of energy continuously moving.  A sensation we can experience in

spinal undulations or our “wings” flapping.


·     Agility – the sensation of energy starting and stopping or changing. A sensation, which we can experience in punches, kicks or change of direction for example.


·     Flexibility – the sensation of energy moving outward.  A sensation we can experience

in reaching for the sky – an opening of our underarms, arms and forearms and fingers.


·     Strength – the sensation of energy moving inward.  A sensation we can experience when we feel the burn of our front thigh in bow stance or our abdominals in plank.


·     Stability – the sensation of energy moving inward and outward simultaneously.  A

sensation we can experience in our stances as a centred and grounded feeling through our feet and in the bowl of our pelvis.


I started thinking of these energies in a wider context, seeing how they connected with my life. 

These are the musings I had (they may or may not be true, they are simply thoughts from my mind! Feel free to comment!):


1.    Mobility – the sensation of energy continuously moving is the essence of life.  Energy never disappears it just transforms into another form of energy.  Nothing stays the same.  The ability to be mobile is not a choice – it just happens. Embrace mobility, continue to move and live life and enjoy the ride. Or struggle trying to stay put!


2.    Which brings us to agility - energy to start,stop or change must be balanced.  No one wants to be the person who starts something then doesn’t have the tenacity to follow through. Neither do you want to be the person who doesn't know when, how or does not have the strength to stop (see point number 3). Nor do you want to be stagnant, not starting or stopping anything! Refer to mobility point number 1 – nothing stays the same – being agile lets you ride that wave of mobile energy, starting, stopping or changing when necessary. 


3.    Energy directed outward (flexibility) must be tempered with energy directed inward (strength) in order to be agile in our ever moving world.  From here you can achieve stability (energy moving in and out simultaneously).  

Sometimes we must find our inner strength to change, to start, to stop, to continue (to be agile). But we must temper our inner world – one that can lead to too much thinking about ourselves! – with energy directed outward.  When we direct our energy outward, we remain open to other views of the world, we become more wise and thus remain flexible.   When we are both strong and flexible, we can utilise our agility – our energy to start, stop or adjust and easily deal with the change.

Again, point number 1 - nothing stays the same.


4.    This brings us to stability.  The more we can temper our strength with flexibility, the more we can learn to be appropriately agile in our mobile world and the more stable we will become.

So, as I said before and as I will no doubt continue to say, I invite you to take the lessons from our experience of Nia into your world. Take note of the places in your life where there appears to be an imbalance, see if you lean too heavily on one sensation – perhaps you need to learn to be more flexible?  Perhaps you need to become stronger and direct your life to be YOUR life? Maybe you need to become an agile athlete who skips across the waters of change?  When all our energies are in balance, I believe we find stability in our life.

I hope you find before you a harmonious, joyful life that is yours!



Photo courtesy of woodleywonderworks