Curiosity & Play Bring Awareness

One of the most amazing and simple ways to discover is to be curious and play.  The principals of Feldenkrais Movement encourage child-like awareness.  With the eyes of a child you are willing to try something new and you have no expectations of what that experience will bring. There is no goal, so there is no right or wrong - it is just what it is.  In Nia, you take this to your body, you are curious, you play with a new movement and you find the joy in your unique way of moving.  Each time you do this, you embody - beyond words or thoughts - a new lesson. You gain a deeper understanding of your beautiful body and you grow.


You might find it hard to bring awareness to your body even with curiosity and play.  One way we tap in to this awareness is through touch and by isolating movement.  With these two things, we can bring awareness to certain parts of our body, identify the sensations we feel with certain movements and then choose to move in a way that is joyful. Our 'sticky' parts of movement are identified, worked on and smoothed out and integrated into fluid, flowing, functional movement. This movement is easy, calming, comforting, graceful and safe.


Beyond movement, I invite you to find the sticky parts of your life. Bring awareness to them by "touching" them with conscious thought. Now work to smooth them out by being curious and playful, "wow - what a crazy experience!"  Feel the calm, the ease, the grace and the peace of a place of no emotion just curiosity and wonderment - like a child. From this heightened awareness, you have the freedom to integrate the sticky parts and experience a joyful, fluid, flowing life that is uniquely yours. 


Stay curious, stay playful, stay aware.  Choose joy. 



Aroha nui

Photo courtesy of Khairul Nizam