Living Your Own Life & Doing That Which Inspires You

This week I've been so inspired by growing this practice of Nia I just wanted to share a few philosophies of life that we hear too often and practice too little.


Live your own life and do that which inspires you. That's it :)


Since making a conscious decision to live my own life, it has taken me and continues to take me, on a path of discovery.  I realised that the standards which I strived to live up to, were not my own, but the expectations of others.  I found that the materialistic goals, were not my goals, but the ones society insist we have to prove our "success". I found that my ego was the thing that needed the approval of others, not my true self. I really understood them, embodied them, not just heard the words. 


Living my own life, teaching Nia being part of that, has naturally inspired me.  If you hadn't felt that enthusiastic, excited and joyful vibe from me - where have you been?? :) 


Now living your own life, may not be teaching Nia :P, but it is part of the practice.  Tuning in, connecting to and moving in Your Body's Way, is a snapshot of living your own life.  Move in your own way - it is unique. Embrace your individuality - you are not a clone.  Become aware of your ego as you play and discover in free-dance. Your Body's Way.


So over the next few days, I invite you to broaden out and Live Your Way. Find in it the inspiration and the joy.

Aroha nui
Nik xo

Photo courtesy of Mark Edwards