Nia in tight places!

Nia is about exploration of your body and becoming aware of what your body likes and dislikes, what it can comfortably do and what it can stretch towards. I had a bit of a play with this concept when I was cramped up on the plane over to Australia this week.  I explored the stretch of my pointed toes, the strength of my balled fists and the twist of the top vertebrae in my neck.  I found the agility in my "spirit" fingers, and the co-ordination in my alternating flexed ankles. I felt balance through my back and abdomen working together to lengthen my spine and at the same time tuned in to the alignment of my vertebrae. I connected with my body's way and found joy in movement - even in such a restricted place!


So, the practice of Nia needn't be the full, widely expressive movement that we do in class.   The Body's Way can be discovered in the small movements that we sometimes take for granted.   All we need is a little curiosity and a little focus and wallah! - Presence, Awareness, Joy. 


Give this a go when you find yourself in your next tight space and have a wonderful rest of your weekend!



Aroha nui

Photo courtesy of Emiliano Beltrani