Revamped Nia Year Resolutions

One of this week's foci in class was the concept of the 'New Year Better You' and immediately new year's resolutions came to mind.  I'm a fan of goals because when times get sticky you can always be reminded of where you want to be and a new rush of motivation kicks in.

Now I started getting curious about new year's resolutions - "I'm going to lose 5kg", "I'm going to quit smoking", "I'm going to start running" etc etc. It's funny how so many of them are "I" and they are "going to". 

What these goals are missing are the wisdoms that we all instinctively know:

  1. Living in the present moment brings joy and;
  2. We experience a bigger drive when we reach beyond ourselves.

A common misconception I have heard about caring for the body is the idea that it is a selfish practice - but it needn't be! In Nia you are encouraged to discover pleasure, comfort and joy through your Body's Way.  Now this may seem like a self-serving concept, 'Nia is all about me', but it really isn't. Have you ever heard someone say "There's something different about you...I can't quite put my finger on it..."  No attention needs to be directed, no words need to be said, yet they feel the change you have made within yourself and they feel inspired to reach for the same "gimme some of what you're having!" 

Now imagine when your attention is focused beyond yourself (to spread joy or whatever) and how much more profound that effect will be! How much more inspired do you feel when your actions reverberate in a positive way out to another, and another, and another?  Now I think that you are feeling "I'm going to keep at this and do it again!". When we reach beyond ourselves in a positive way, we are compelled to move forward even when the going gets tough! 

So this year, I invite you to revamp your resolutions in two ways:

  1. Taking the concept of being present, change your resolution to something you already have: "I find and cultivate joy in Nia"
  2. Taking the concept of reaching beyond yourself, tweek it a bit to add that collective drive:     "I find and cultivate joy in Nia, to be able to spread it to my friends and family"

FYI - It needn't be Nia related - this isn't a commercial plug! hahaha! And you needn't take my advice either - this short email, turned into a rambling from the scrambling concepts in the mind that is Nik's :) Ah... we are all learning about life!

Have a fantastic weekend, keep striving to grow and I'll see you at class.

Aroha nui

Photo courtesy of Nicola Chung