The Innate Wisdom of the Body

This week I really started thinking about the innate wisdom of the body. If you tune in, it starts teaching you lessons. 


For example, stretch/flex tempered with strength (thanks Nancy for this foci). When we purposefully become aware of our bodies,  we can see where it needs to stretch, what it needs to become more flexible so that our body can move fluidly and what can be strengthened so that we can move in new ways and have better control of our existing movements.


What we teach the body, we can take in to our lives. When we purposefully become aware of our life, we can see where we need to stretch/grow/be challenged so that we can become more expanded in our being. When we tune in, we can see where we can be more flexible (maybe flexibility means letting go of the past, changing your fixed ideas of the world, letting others in, forgiving) so that our lives can flow with ease and joy. When we look at our lives with an honest eye, we can areas to strengthen so that we have the courage to move forward and the discipline to better control how we act and react in the world.


The body is a powerful teacher - let it guide you to a more easy, joyful existence.


See you soon.


Aroha nui
Nik xo

Photo courtesy of Khairul Nizam