Tune in & Stay Relaxed

Wow it's the eve before Christmas... this year has gone fast! And from an outsiders view it seems that a lot of people are back in the crazy craziness that happens in the holiday season.  If that is stressing you out or you just feel a little less than joyful right now, may I suggest something? Don't tune out...tune in!


Nia is about finding joy in your Body's Way. When you are standing in line during the xmas rush or negotiating the crowds in town, tune in! How aligned is your spine?  What do your feet feel like in your shoes? Where are your hands? Are your shoulders peeling down your back? What are the muscles in your face doing? 


Deliberately placing your attention on the body, quiets the mind and relaxes your muscles. From this place, I find that it is easier for me to appreciate the mayhem and create joy in my heart. Now here's a social experiment... try this next time you are in amongst chaos. See how it affects those around you. I have a feeling your calm, your joy, will rub off...


I wish you all an amazing, joyful holiday period.


Aroha nui

Photo courtesy of C.P.Storm