Your Legacy - Stepping Out & Leaving Your Mark

Hi Everyone,


So the latest in news is that the great Nelson Mandela passed away. His life was full of a tough times but his vision gave him strength and his relentless work made his dream a reality. The ending of apartheid and the awareness around the equality between white and black South Africans will be his legacy.

So what will yours be?  

When you step out of the Nia practice and return home to your loved ones, your work mates, your friends, a stranger - what mark would you like to leave?  When you leave this planet, what will the world remember you for?

In Nia, we learn about connecting with our bodies, feeling pleasure and joy. I believe that this connection comes from a place of care for ourselves. It is also my belief that once we reach this place of personal connection, we can then step in to a place where we have the capacity to care not only for ourselves but for those around us.

So experience this joy, cultivate it in yourselves and then SHARE IT! Don't keep it to yourself, spread that positive energy, see how it enriches all of your interactions with others; Put it into your life's purpose and see how it fuels your journey in the right direction. Experience joy, share joy, and see how it bounces back at you and you get to experience it again and then share it again! It's a wonderful endless circle! 

Give it a go and have a fantastic weekend!


Aroha nui