Fluidity & Flow. In the Body & in Life

These writings are nothing more than the thoughts that occupy my mind.  They reflect my own personal journey to understanding more about the mind/body/spirit connection, about the lessons from our body. They may or may not be the "truth".  They may or may not resonate with you. Enjoy reading and please comment and let me know what your thoughts are.

Arohanui - Nik.

One of the foci I love and refer to constantly in Nia, is fluidity and flow.  The teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais refer to this -  we bring awareness to parts of our body that are "sticky" and gently move them until we find them moving with more ease, with the body as a whole.

The life lesson we can take from this simple concept is incredible.  With the right intention and drive, we can become more aware of parts of our life that get us stuck and bring them into more flow.  Perhaps it's that ex- lingering in your mind, perhaps that strained relationship you have with your mother or maybe it's that addiction that you just can't kick. Whatever it is, it hinders us from living a life that is on the most part, comfortable, easy and free-flowing. 

In the body, we fix these glitches by firstly isolating them, gently bringing them to motion and then slowly integrating them to move fluidly with the rest of our body. For example, imagine that your wrist is tight.  Gently and lovingly roll it, bringing it into more and more range of motion.  Then add to this movement by caressing the air with your fingertips.  Then as both the wrist and fingertips feel like they are moving as one fluid unit add more motion from your elbow, your shoulder, your collar-bone, your spine, neck... until your whole body, moves with ease in and around the rolling of your wrist.

I'm sure you see the parallels to your life. We first take a "glitch" in our life and we isolate it or break it down to a more manageable size. Take the strained relationship with your mother as an example. We can start to heal this in many ways but maybe the first step is to be silent and take a moment- stop our words before they come out and breath.  And then as this becomes easier, we start fixing those ill-thoughts about our mother and our doomed relationship and replace them with positive ones. Perhaps after that we start talking only when it useful, rather than an argumentative or reactionary way. Then maybe we start infusing our words with genuine care and respect.  And then eventually, we may see a change where talking with mum has become mutually beneficial, if not (dare I say it?) enjoyable!

At each step of our journey, we might be surprised to see that not only has our relationship with our mother changed, but this healing has reverberated into the rest of our relationships. Perhaps they have all been infused with more patience, love and respect.  We find less strain in our lives and more ease. Fluidity and flow.

Of course the healing of these areas of your life are contingent upon your intention(s) and your will. Do you actually want to change your life situation? Are you prepared for a bit of discomfort for more ease in the long run? How bad do you want the end result? Do you have the patience and drive to see it through to the end? But that's for another post. And now to step in...

Photo courtesy of Maziar Hooshmand