Why we do this!

"Why do you do Nia?" That was the question I posed to fellow nia players a few weeks ago.

"It makes me feel joy"

"It let's me release anything I've been holding on to"

"I feel relaxed and calm after class"

"I am more empowered to do my thing in my life"

Nia is beyond the fitness, beyond the body and only through the experience of taking Nia do we find that that is so. It doesn't matter how much we read about something, talk about something or watch something, we will never grasp what that something really is, unless we feel it and we experience it. For some people it took a few goes ("I started coming just for fitness, but the more I came, the more I felt joy, peace and starting feeling the life lessons of Nia") and for others, one class was enough to feel the unique body, mind, spirit practice, that is Nia.

So I want to share with you why I do this.  I was contemplating this point with a woe-is-me attitude "Why am I doing this?!?".  And funnily enough my responses are much the same as everyone else's -

Nia lets me sort through the mess of my emotions and access my inner joy. It lets me love, accept and be grateful for my body as it is in this moment. And to be able to share my passion with others makes me feel connected to the community in a deeper way. 

I am so deeply grateful to each one of you who has stepped on this journey with me (maybe long-term, maybe briefly or perhaps in the future). Thank-you!

Aroha and blessings