Emotions as Art Workshop

Big gratitude in advance for taking the time to do this survey!   Your feedback will help us improve future events.

Communication and Registration
I found the registration and payment process straightforward
I found the pre-event information (facebook group, emails) helpful and informative
Overall I found the communication prior to the event satisfactory
Timing, Location and Facilities
I found the location to be appropriate for the event
I found the facilities (dance space, break out space) met my expectations for the event
I found the timing of sessions (workshop, nia dance, shared lunch) and breaks satisfactory
I found there was enough time to explore and integrate my learnings
I found the food and drink to be nourishing, delicious and appropriate to the workshop
Personal Benefits
I found the workshop made me more aware of my body, mind, spirit and emotions connection
I found the workshop made me more aware and strengthened my ability to navigate my emotions
I found the workshop let me discover something new about myself
I found the workshop enabled me to feel more freedom and joy in movement and in life
I found the workshop enabled me to explore my intention fully
I found the event enhanced my sense of wellbeing overall
I found Nik & Jean to be friendly, easy to approach and professional
I found Nik & Jean communicated ideas and instructions clearly
I found Nik & Jean created an environment that made me feel comfortable and safe to explore
Overall I found Nik & Jean's teaching styles appropriate to the retreat.
Overall I found the workshop was valuable to me
Overall I found the workshop to be well organised
I found the workshop to be good value for money
I found the workshop met or exceeded my expectations
Overall I found the experience wholly satisfying and enjoyable
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