Read the testimonials of current students in the Waikato who are enjoying the benefits of Nia now.

My first class left me on a high all week long. It cultivated positive energy, nurturing and joyous vibes. It was a surprise to find such a warm welcoming and i got hooked right away! Thank you!!!
— Aubrey
I find the movement, energy and mindfulness of Nia a great compliment to my regular yoga practice, freeing parts of my body I didn’t even know needed freeing up
— Lisa, 37
I totally LOVED my first ever Nia class with Alex - I had been looking for a movement class that truly allowed me to be me and I finally found it with Nia. With the combination of choreographed moves and free dance I felt free to let my body express itself allowing more appreciation & connection with my body. I can’t wait for my next Nia class!!
— Catherine
At last a place to dance just for the sheer fun of it. I don’t consider myself a gifted or coordinated dancer, and I am plump and middle aged, but with Nia I have found a safe friendly place to enjoy moving my body, where it doesn’t matter a hoot if I can’t mange the steps or how I look. To my delight the relaxed no pressure environment means I am starting to become more sassy and stylish in my moves, sometimes I glimpse myself in the mirror and I think “Whoa look at you go girl” . Both the tutors and class mates are so friendly and welcoming and inclusive and I always come home buzzing
— Annemarie
Discovering Nia has been an amazing and therapeutic experience for me. The benefits extend far beyond the physical. I honestly look forward to every class!
— Anastasia, 43
For me, Nia combines exercise with peace of mind which I carry into the rest of my life. I thought I moved freely until Nic got me really moving. Now I just want more! One class a week is not enough, I find myself thinking about it & counting down the days until the next class... It makes me feel so good that it is now one of my things in life that I wont compromise on, I think I am addicted!
— Hana, 41
I attended my first experience of Nia with the expectation that I would be counting the minutes until the lesson was over. How wrong I was.
After a couple of sessions of Nia I was feeling excited to go, and a couple of weeks later I was feeling excited to get up in the morning!! Something very new to me.
I’m loving it Nicola - I find your enthusiasm and energy so contagious, it lifts all our own energy levels.

Nia, in addition to feeling energised and more positive has also had some unexpected results for me. I have slowly become aware of a bubbling up feeling of liberation, wow! As if all the negative energy inside has reached my chest and throat and just wants to shout it out!!!!!

Wow, I highly recommend Nia to anyone male or female of any age. I’m 61, Nia is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.
— Susan, 61
I have been going to Nia for a few weeks now and I can say I’m feeling better and better each time I go, not only in body but also in mind. Nicola just keeps you wanting more she is full of enthusiasm and motivates us, love It. Come along join us .......
— Nancy
My first Nia experience…Shuffling in a shy wee mouse, standing at the back of the room, twiddling my thumbs, looking for a suitable window to jump out off... I was scared but I also knew there was a reason why I was there. Class started I don’t think I moved. Then a shift happened…

I let go. What followed was an hour of great vibes (helped greatly by the positive one of a kind frequency Nic runs on, a true inspiration in herself), healing, discovering, moving for you, losing all inhibitions, some good old fashioned booty shaking, flow, rhythm, motivation, laughter, and SWEAT! What a journey! My mind was blown. I was free, body thanking me, full of confidence and self-love in its purest form.

Whatever it is you’re a looking for Nia encompasses the four elements (physical, creative, emotional and spiritual). If you would love to free up and work out your mind, body and soul Nia is where it’s at! Who knows what gifts you will receive, anything’s possible with Nia!
— Kelly, 24