What is Nia?

Nia is a dance-based fitness class that takes inspiration of movement from nine different forms three martial forms (tai chi, aikido, tae kwon do), three dance forms (jazz, modern and duncan dance) and three mindful arts (yoga, feldenkrais and alexander technique). Nia uses simple choreography and energising music to guide awareness to the  sensations of the body.  As a student, you will learn to connect with your body's way and understand how it wants to, and needs to move, to make fitness and movement an enjoyable experience. You are encouraged to take these lessons from your body and practice them outside of the classroom to transform the way you live your life - in pleasure, ease and joy. Nia is practiced barefoot, non-impact, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities.

Your Body's Way

The Nia principal of Your Body's Way enables you to find a way of moving that is pleasurable and joyful to YOU. This means that Nia is suitable for all people regardless of age, experience or fitness level.

Class Types

Classic Nia

The Classic Nia class follows the seven cycles.  Setting the Intent of class focusses our attention. Stepping In helps to clear your mind from distractions. Warm-up gets the body prepared for Getting Moving where we pick up the pace! Warm-Down prepares your body to slow as we go into Floor-Play an exploration of the ground and our foundation. Our last cycle is to Step Out of class, ready to take our joyful selves out and on to the next part of our day.

Duration: 50 - 55 mins.

Suitable for:

  • Absolutely everyone - regardless of fitness, dance-aptitude etc.
  • Men and Women looking to connect with their body, mind, spirit and emotions in a fun way.
  • Those wanting to increase all of their forms of fitness in one dynamic class - flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability.


Nia Back to Basics Class

This class is designed to teach you to become in tune with your body in a slower-paced, Nia class and explore the 52 moves of Nia. Time is taken to be able to explore and "tweak" the moves to suit you, so you can be comfortable moving in Your Body's Way during class. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT CLASS FOR BUILDING THE FOUNDATION OF NIA SO YOU CAN TRULY MOVE MORE COMFORTABLY DURING A CLASSIC NIA CLASS.

Duration: 50 - 55mins

Suitable for: 

  • beginners and experienced Nia-nites who want to hone their technique and skill of movement 
  • those who are new to moving in dance and choreography
  • Those wanting a slower paced experience 
  • Those who want a strong foundation to take into a classic nia class



Move the way you were meant to move. FreeDance is a chance to explore your habits, move past your inhibitions and dance truly freely while enjoying connecting with yourself and others!

Suitable for everybody - all fitness levels, men and women and no experience needed!

"If you can breath, you can dance!

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

More about Nia....

Nia in 52 Moves

Nia incorporates  52 moves taken from the wisdoms of nine movement forms. They include: three martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Aikido and Tai Chi), three dance forms (Jazz, Modern Dance and Duncan Dance) and three mindful healing arts (Yoga, Alexander Technique and The Feldenkrais Method).  A Nia class aims to improve daily functional fitness through enjoyment of the experience of getting fit. 


Holistic Fitness - Body, Mind and Spirit.

Nia is grounded in the philosophy of Holistic Fitness and gives you a more rounded approach to the health of YOU. Holistic Fitness means health in the body, mind and spirit. Nia does this on many levels.  On a purely body level, Nia combines all five components of fitness - strenght, agility, stability, flexibility, mobility and cardiovascular fitness - into one class. The practice of Nia also engages your mind to become attentive to your body's preferences, habits, strengths and weaknesses, letting you become your own conscious personal trainer. This mindful movement is put to energising, inspirational music that encourages your spirit to be light, playful and joyful. 


The Benefits of Nia

  • More awareness of what your body wants and needs giving you a highly individualised workout
  • An increased ability to move with purpose, which leads to: 
    • An increased ability to find ease in movement
    • An increased ability to be more present in the moment
    • An increased ability to break habitual movement
    • A decreased risk of injury
  • A balanced level of fitness, agility, stability, strength, flexibility and mobility
  • The development of playful, creative expression through movement and sounding
  • A greater connection between your mind, body and spirit
  •  A sense of calm, peace and joyful freedom.
“Discovering Nia has been an amazing and therapeutic experience for me. The benefits extend far beyond the physical. I honestly look forward to every class!
— Anastasia, 43

Nia in Waikato's Mission

  • To spread happiness and joy through movement and dance
  • To introduce people to mindful body movement
  • To empower creativity, purpose and personal responsibility
  • To cultivate a no boundaries  approach to movement
  • To build a holistically healthy and supportive community
  • To educate the community about the practice of Nia

If you want to learn more about Nia around New Zealand and around the globe visit The Nia Technique.