About Us


Introducing Alex

I love to move; to move and dance!


In fact you could say I’m passionate about dancing. I’ve danced since I was 6 years old when I started ballet – I was never great at the technical stuff, but I just loved to dance. That’s what it was about for me and since then I’ve been dancing on and off, doing jazz ballet, modern dance, salsa, Zumba and whatever else I could find. But, you know as much as I enjoyed all that, it wasn’t until I started Nia that I really found the freedom to dance and move uninhibited – I began to dance in that way we dance in our kitchens - when no one is watching us! It was so liberating and FUN!

And that is the pleasure of Nia no judgements, no inhibitions, dancing for your own enjoyment, in your own way.

The Nia community & Your Way.

In Nia, I have danced with people of all ages and all body shapes, with people who really believed that they couldn’t dance or move, they didn’t believe in their bodies or their abilities. But none of that matters - they’ve all found an incredible joy in being able to let go and enjoy moving. The Nia community is a lovely group of people who are supportive and encouraging – it’s an incredibly safe environment where you can be you. Nia is also very safe for your body because it’s always about moving in a way that is comfortable for you; no rules, no technical moves, no worries about getting it ‘right’ – a teacher to follow but only in a way that is fun and pleasurable for you.

I can guarantee you will leave each class having done a great workout and with a smile on your face!

I can't wait to see you at class.

Love Alex.

Introducing   Nik

I am on a mission to reignite freedom, love and joy in everyBODY. 

Hi, I'm Nik! Through my practice of Nia I have worked with men and women who crave more freedom of expression, those who are looking for release from stress and for those who have want more zest and zing in their life.

Through Nia, I guide people to reignite their inner joy which comes from rediscovering their authenticity and uniqueness through movement. 

I believe that true freedom comes from following your own unique path.

Why I do what I do!

What I've noticed is that we often veer of away from our unique path and we find ourselves trapped in a life that is shaped by the expectations of others and fear to be ME. 

Before I stepped into Nia, I experienced this myself. I was working a job I didn't find truly fulfilling, but I continued because it felt like the "right thing to do". I was setting myself up for a career path that seemed socially right, but didn't feel right inside of me.  I was living a life, but not MY life.

I want to see more people empowered to live a life that is uniquely theirs!

More about me!

I started practicing Nia in 2011 in Ecuador. Since that first class, my passion for Nia continues to grow every time I step into practice. Nia has helped me become aware of my body more than any other type of movement, I have come across so far. I feel present, aware and joyful.

I believe strongly in the connection between body, mind, spirit and physical environment to achieve optimal health. All these areas are so integrated, that it is impossible to separate one from the other and still achieve a balanced, happy and healthy life.  I believe that positivity in these areas (a fit body, a calm mind, a joyful spirit and a harmonious environment) leads to a happy life. Nia is a unique practice that brings awareness to all these components.

My wish is to share this wonderful freeing practice with more and more people. 

I hope to play Nia with you soon!

Arohanui Nik.

Education / Qualifications / Certifications

  • Nia White Belt Instructor
  • BPhEd & BSc
  • First Aid Certified
  • Avatar Master
  • Luscious Life Design Ambassador